Forget MVC, now!

How about today?

Today, we are facing big technological advancements and an insane app market growth. In other words, apps are becoming big and complex. We are working on projects that contain 20, 30 or even 40 screens making it impossible to be maintained with MVC.

As technology moves forward, so should we (developers).

Recently, I really got…

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Swift2Go joins Flipboard

We are happy to announce that this week Swift2Go has been approved by Flipboard as a magazine. If you are using Flipboard, you can find us here. 🚀

Must-read Swift stories for this week

1. How to create a custom action for center tab bar item? - Yalcin Ozdemir

2. Forms in iOS — Part 1 - Eric Downey

3. Vapor 3 Series III — Testing - ShengHua Wu

4. Synchronising the Asynchronous in Swift - Mladen Despotovic

5. Simplifying iOS code by using Design Patterns - Arlind Aliu

6. Different App Display Name based on Xcode Scheme - Jesus Guerra

7. Swifty Firebase APIs @ Ka-ching — part 3 - Morten Bek Ditlevsen

8. Server Side Swift CRUD API with Kitura Codable Routing - Alfian Losari

9. Await in Swift, no Promises broken - Mladen Despotovic

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New Milestones Reached 🚀

Milestones Reached

  1. Swift2Go has reached more than 500 followers in just 2 weeks.
  2. The publication stories are read for more than 2000 minutes per day (33.3 hours).
  3. There are 20 writers that publish stories under Swift2Go.

New Writers

As usual, I would like to introduce the new writers that have joined Swift2Go this week and some of their published Swift stories:

Malcolm Kumwenda

SwiftBits: Caching Images

Bruno Rocha

Writing Custom Pattern Matching in Swift

Guven James B

How I stopped that memory leak and reclaimed 150MB of memory — Swift

Yuvraj Pandey

MVVM with RxSwift : User Login

Gabrielle Earnshaw

Next-level Swift unit tests using the builder pattern

Mustafa Yusuf

JSON Parsing with Decodable — A Swift Love Story

11 simple tips that will increase your traffic

#1 Include Story Image

Always add an image under the title/subtitle of…

People love to contribute

Architecture Patterns in Swift

Why you should stop using NotificationCenter and start using TopicEventBus

iOS UI Test, A journey through sweat… and more sweat (Part 1 : Stubbing Network)

From callbacks to async / await in Swift

Publishing your iOS app into the App Store

A better approach to UITextField validations on iOS

Slim UIViewController through UITableView DataSource & Delegate Encapsulation

How to share an image from your app to Instagram Stories without implementing any SDK?

Swifty Firebase APIs @ Ka-ching — part 2

Swifty Firebase APIs @ Ka-ching — part 1

Please give these amazing writers a round of 👏for their contribution to the Swift2Go publication.

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Stories worth reading…

iOS Developers, this tutorial has the intention to make you forget building iOS apps that rely on a single storyboard.

The ultimate guide for implementing Firebase Authentication using Swift

About Firebase

Firebase is a Google-backed platform that is becoming very popular amongst mobile developers. It offers plenty of functionalities for mobile developers to implement inside their apps like crash reporting, analytics, databases, push notifications, chat, cloud storage and many many more. For example, you can build the backend for your app without even managing any infrastructure.

Dejan Atanasov

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